“I started giving a copy of Wishes of the Soul to everyone I do business with, and I just couldn’t believe the response I got.  Not only did I get a ton of telephone calls and thank you notes—which by the way, I never once got for the very expensive gifts I have given in the past—but, I even landed a new account I’ve been trying to get for years!”  

Tara N— San Diego, CA

"Allow these words and images to saturate your spirit for an interlude of reflection, Grace and peace from the pen of Alexander BerardiÉThis wonderful little book helps us look deep within our soul and rediscover the parts of ourselves we thought were forever lost."   

Zig Ziglar—Motivational Speaker and Author

"We all seek mirrors in which we see reflected the "Wishes of the Soul". I have found such a mirror in Alexander Berardi's simple yet profound poem, expressed through accompanying beautiful visuals. As a visually oriented person, I find that the illustrations illuminate the text, revealing new meanings. The message that reverberates through "Wishes of the Soul" is immensely comforting and life affirming. It is a blueprint for living the good life, and every step is resonant with God's grace and love. I have been aware of Alexander Berardi's work for years and enjoy his almost intuitive sense of God's grace and wisdom. In this slim volume, you can savor that balm for the soul, as filtered through Berardi's sensitive and passionate words. In short: this small book can make a big difference in your life."   

Thomas Kinkade—Painter of Light

"Some of he most powerful words ever expressed about the most important of human values: courage, service, humor, tenacity, acceptance, friendship and peace."   

Chris Singleton—Pro baseball player and radio commentator

"What a wonderful book! It is small enough that reading it takes little effort, and yet the words are so sensitive and encouraging, I've read it more than once. It makes me think, but always in a good way. It is beautifully illustrated and soothing to look at. The CD is so calming and relaxing. However, I wouldn't suggest listening to it while driving as it can definitely put you in a different time and place where traffic and congestion just don't fit in. Seriously, the book and CD are a wonderful combination of peace, challenge and development of self! I highly recommend both of them!"   

Jackie Talty,RN—Whiting, NJ

"The book and tape are very peaceful and thought-provoking."   

Lucille Richards—Central Jersey VNA

"'Wishes of the Soul' by Alexander J. Berardi ... was one of the most uplifting and inspiring messages I have ever read. Many of my family and friends are struggling with life in general and I want them to be able to keep it at their sides as I have ... for the good times and the bad. Mr. Berardi has surely blessed us all with his book and CD. Thank you so very much! I will be ordering more to keep on hand for those who I feel are in need. Probably should order them by the case."   

Gertrude Acker—Palmyra,VA

"'Wishes of the Soul', says what's in our hearts but we're afraid to say out loud."   

Pam Hatchard—Designer and Owner, F.A.I.T.H. Company- Addison, Texas

"Used Wishes of the Soul as a 'Fund Raiser' gift!
We placed a copy of Wishes of the Soul at each place setting at our last Fundraiser Luncheon. People are still talking about it. It was a huge hit!"   

Reverend Riley Grandel—Gulf Shore Church, Bonita Springs, FL






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